Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much dihydromyrecitin (DHM) is in detoxicated?

    Detoxicated contains a total of 800mg of DHM in the before and after formulas. There is a larger amount of DHM in the after formulation.

  • Can I take the Before and After capsules together?

    Yes, if the Before dose is missed, all four capsules can be taken together following your last drink. Detoxicated will still be effective when taken this way.

  • Do you offer Detoxicated in a bottled liquid form?

    No, Detoxicated is only offered as an oral capsule, as opposed to a hangover drink. According to the scientific literature, the main ingredient, DHM, is not very stable in liquid solutions.

  • What is the modified-release blend?

    The modified-release blend was formulated to enhance the bioavailability of DHM. This means the body can utilize the DHM better, improving the efficacy of Detoxicated.


  • Why a dual Before and After formulation?

    Based on the scientific literature, some ingredients in Detoxicated are more effective taken prior to alcohol consumption and others are effective taken following alcohol consumption. We have allocated each ingredient to either capsule so that you can experience the maximal effects of Detoxicated.


  • What is the max amount Detoxicated can I take in a day?

    We recommend taking no more than two full servings of Detoxicated in a day. For most people, one serving should be adequate.


  • Are there any contraindications for taking this product?

    Avoid this product if you have any sensitivity or allergy to aspirin, as salicin is natural form of aspirin. Do not take Detoxicated if you are pregnant. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, consult with a physician prior to taking Detoxicated.


  • Milk thistle is common in other hangover products. Why isn’t it an ingredient in Detoxicated?

    Based on the scientific literature, milk thistle is known to impact enzymes in the liver responsible for metabolizing the medications many people take on a daily basis, such as birth control pills.


  • Will Detoxicated prevent me from getting drunk?

    No, Detoxicated will not prevent you from getting drunk, but rather mitigates the unpleasant effects of the hangover, such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue.


  • Can Detoxicated prevent Asian flush?

    Detoxicated accelerates the metabolism of acetaldehyde, the metabolite of alcohol responsible for Asian flush. We recommend those who experience Asian flush take all four pills prior to drinking to prevent the build of this metabolite.


  • Can I take Detoxicated the next day?

    While you can take Detoxicated the next day, we recommend consuming the capsules as instructed in order to experience the maximal benefits of Detoxicated. The proactive approach is the best approach!


  • Will Detoxicated speed up getting sober?

    No, Detoxicated should not be used to get sober. Driving or operating any sort of vehicle or machinery is not recommended following the consumption of alcohol, even with Detoxicated. In lab experiments, drunk rats did sober up faster when given DHM, but they were given doses much larger than those used in Detoxicated. Detoxicated also will not lower your blood alcohol content. Please drink responsibly.


  • Where is Detoxicated manufactured?

    Detoxicated is manufactured by an F.D.A licensed and G.M.P. certified facility in New York, U.S.A.